Food Adventures: My hometown Minneapolis

Minneapolis: where my foodie love story began…

Learning to cook in Minneapolis during its foodie renaissance was an amazing time in my life. Minneapolis is a hidden food gem where some of the best Vietnamese food is wedged in between farm to table restaurants and award winning food trucks. It’s a foodie haven for everyone at every price point.

Here are my must visit spots if you find yourself in the Twin Cities.

1. Roat Osha – to my friends this comes as no surprise. I consider it one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve ever been to and this is after time in San Fran and New York. Pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, cream cheese wontons (a MN delicacy), spring rolls and a heavy pour Mai Thai; you can’t go wrong.

The 5-8 Juicy Lucy Photo: Emma Wiedner

2. The 5-8 club – my number one choice for a Juicy Lucy. Juicy Lucy is a burger with cheese cooked in the middle of the patty, so when you bite into it the melted cheese oozes out. Yes you read all of that right and you can thank MN for that invention. You can get this and be at the airport in 5 min.

Dunn Brother’s Vanilla Nirvana Photo: Emma Wiedner

3. Dunn Brothers Coffee– better than Caribou (another MN coffee chain) and Starbucks. I love the Vanilla Nirvana that uses their Infinite Black cold press.

Cider at Kieran’s Photo: Emma Wiedner


4. The Local & Kieran’s – a shout out to my former employer and the former #1 seller of Jameson in the world. These are two great downtown Irish pubs. Great bar food and their iconic drink the big ginger or skinny ginger now made with their own whiskey, 2 gingers which is made in Ireland. Kieran’s is right next to Target Field so it’s a great place to grab a drink before the game.

 Ike’s Weekender Bloody Mary Photo: Emma Wiedner

5. Key’s or Hell’s Kitchen or Ike’s for brunch. I love brunch and picking my favorite brunch spot in Mpls is like being asked to choose my favorite pair of shoes. All three are iconic brunch spots in Minneapolis and within a few blocks of each other downtown. Go to Key’s for a classic breakfast and the architecture of the Foshay tower. Go to Hell’s Kitchen for a quirky experience and homemade peanut butter. Go to Ike’s for a caramel roll the size of your head and a bloody mary that is pretty much a meal in itself (Also if you only have a 2 hour layover in Mpls you can get Ike’s in the airport!)

6. Bar La Grassa -Isaac Becker’s Italian masterpiece in the North Loop neighborhood. This is one of the best foodie restaurants in Minneapolis if not the country. Make reservations and get the gnocchi with cauliflower & orange, trust me.